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Concord Cunningham: The Scripture Sleuth books...

-- "Just wanted to thank you for your Scripture Sleuth books....My nephew especially likes them and has been carrying around his Bible in his backpack 'like Concord' just in case he needs it for solving mysteries! Too cool!" --from an email sent to ScriptureSleuth.com

--"My almost 10 year-old son is nearly finished with his copy of this book, he loves it, and coming from him, the picky sometimes-reluctant reader, this is big stuff!"   --from an email sent to ScriptureSleuth.com

-- "Received the book today. It was immediately ripped from my hands by my daughter. She devoured the first couple of chapters and declared it 'COOL!'"   --from an email sent to ScriptureSleuth.com

-- "I have to tell you...my children and I went through two chapters already this afternoon. They didn't want to stop!"   --from an email sent to ScriptureSleuth.com

-- "Fantastic book! My girls just loved using the Bible to solve the mysteries!"   --from a parent in North Carolina

-- "We enjoy sitting together as a family, reading each case and Scripture, and watching my son solve the case!"   --from an email sent to ScriptureSleuth.com

-- "Meredith's teacher read it to their class near the end of the year.   Meredith said that when the teacher came to the end of a mystery the kids would all go scrambling to get a hold of a Bible to try to solve the mystery."  --from a parent in Idaho

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