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The Mysteries...

Whether it's catching a clever thief, solving a puzzling disappearance, or exposing a hilarious scam, readers follow kid detective Concord Cunningham's entertaining investigation of each case. Concord, an ace detective, always cracks the case. But he doesn't give away the answer.

Instead, at the conclusion of each chapter's fun mystery, Concord tells readers where in the Bible (chapter and verse) they can find the final clue to the case. Readers must grab a Bible, look up the verse, and use it to solve the mystery.

The Bible verse that readers look up will reveal a key fact or idea which will help them solve the mystery. Because the clue is a fact or idea and not just a single word, all major Bible translations work with Scripture Sleuth mysteries.


When readers are ready to see if they have solved a mystery, they can turn to the back of their Scripture Sleuth book, where each chapter's solution is explained.

Book specifics...    

The suggested reading level for the series is ages 8-12 (grades 3-7), but people of all ages seem to enjoy the mysteries and looking up the clues in the Bible. Many younger readers have enjoyed the books with the help of their parents.

There are 12 mysteries in each book.

The series is published by Focus Publishing, a small Christian publisher in Minnesota.

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